How do Harmony Essences work?

by | Nov 3, 2022 | Harmony Essences, News

Colour the Cosmic Code – by Antony J Cooper

Light has bestowed us the gift of colour. Both Light and colour are essential to our existence.

Within the Harmony bottles, the oil takes the higher portion within each bottle. This represents the “Conscious” level of being and therefore carries frequencies and patterns because each colour and hue is being primed with very specific vibrational patterns to be generated to the physical body via the body’s many inner and outer energy systems.

The lower “Subconscious” portion of the Harmony bottles has a spring water base, which is capable of holding projected memory patterns with integrity for very long periods….Every colour within the lower portion is energized with some 22 levels of energy, transferred from Gems, Shellfish, Flowers, Herbs plus Essential Oils and projected frequencies of certain musical notes and three dimensional patterns including the main platonic solids.

The Harmony Essences are a way of using colour to explore and know yourself more fully and in so doing, we come to realise that inner universe, that lies within us all – the great treasure house of images and knowledge. Colour holds the keys to the way in and it holds the codes to our inner mind locks – thus colour opens us up to the purpose of our being, our destiny and our life’s purpose.


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