The Wizard – The Unicorn

Merlin was born during November 2011, on the magical and ancient land of Erewhon Station.

Being the Little Wizard that he is – Merlin managed to disguise himself as a filly, allowing him to be sold to me and trucked off the station at 6 months of age.

Part of his true identity was soon to be revealed –the cloak of a filly was lifted revealing a colt. If this cloak had lifted too soon Merlin would have remained on Erewhon Station as a prospective breeding stallion – fortunately the universe had other plans.

The night before Merlin’s arrival I could feel a huge energy touching my auric field – on asking what this energy was, the magical energy of Merlin asked to be integrated in with my energy, which I duly did. Well, I guess we were meant to be together – Merlin has certainly enriched my life and many times I have been forced to dig deep to find the answer to the question that he has presented to me.

Merlin’s first home was in Governors Bay. It was from this property in 2014 that we were asked to assist in the anchoring of the Christ Consciousness Grid.
It was soon after this event, that Merlin communicated the need to set-up a Company called Equine Empowerment Limited.

With the development of Equine Empowerment Limited, came the dream of the Unicorn Essences – Equine Assisted Remedies and Therapies and an Equine based Retreat Centre.



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