How can Chakra Lights support you in post Covid recovery?

by | Nov 3, 2022 | Horse Therapy, News

Back in May 2022 I came down with Covid-19, the symptoms passed relatively quickly but I did suffer from headaches as the spike protein made it’s way into my brain. After suffering for several days, I decided to listen to what my body was being drawn to and that was the Chakra Light 3 (Yellow) plus the Chakra Light 4 (Green).

Firstly, I applied the Chakra Light 3 (Yellow) onto my palms and then ran the energy of this essence through the auric field around my head. This I did several times within an hour – the headache was gone. Then during that night, I woke up wanting the Chakra Light 4 (Green) – this I duly applied after the results I experienced with the yellow. Headaches never returned.

I have just shared this information with a customer who currently has Covid – she also experienced amazing results.


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